What is double glazing?

Glazing refers to the glass and frames in windows, external doors and even skylights. This type of glass has a significant effect on thermal performance. For example, up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through standard windows. Improving the thermal performance of your home’s glazing will improve comfort, reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs.

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Why choose Double Glazing Windows and Doors

Here are reasons why you should choose awning windows for your home or office.


Increased comfort

Double glazed windows and doors help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to their insulation properties. This means that you can save on energy costs while enjoying a more comfortable environment.

Noise Reduction

Reduced noise pollution

Whether it’s traffic noise or noisy neighbours, double glazing helps to reduce unwanted sound from infiltrating your home. This means you can enjoy peace and quiet whenever you need it.

Home Security

Enhanced security

With added security features such as shatter-resistant glass and multi-point locking systems, double glazing can help to protect your home from intruders.

Increased property value

Increased property value

By making your home more comfortable, secure and energy efficient, installing double glazing can increase its resale value significantly.


Reduced environmental impact

Double glazing helps to seal in heat or air conditioning, meaning less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. This reduces your carbon footprint and makes your home more environmentally friendly.

Why uPVC Double Glazing?

Views and Sunlight


Keep your home warmer in winters and cooler in summer.

uPVC Windows Ventilation


Toughened / laminateupto 8mm which is unbreakable

High Walls


Sound proof your home with upto 90% noise reduction.

Personal service, quality product and competitive prices

The importance of frames

Having the right window and door frame is very important and will increase the benefits of double glazing. Winplex uses German-manufactured uPVC for all of our window and door frames.

UPVC is low-conductive compared with other materials, like aluminium, meaning that you’ll experience less heat transfer through windows. Window and door frames made with uPVC is perfect for homeowners who want to not only increase insulation but also reduce costs on cooling & heating bills.

Also, uPVC coating also protects against UV rays, so your frame will stay looking good even with prolonged sun exposure. Also, unlike traditional Timber frames, you won’t have to worry about it chipping or cracking due to weather.

uPVC Comparison with Aluminium and Timber

uPVC vs. Aluminium

Aluminum is a high conductor of heat and cold. This is to say that they aren’t energy efficient. Also, older aluminium windows gradually experience oxidation. On top of that, aluminium tends to contract and expand with changes in temperature, making them more likely than uPVC to experience seal failures over time due to cracks or splits between panels.

uPVC vs. Timber

Prolonged exposure to sunlight (UV rays), high winds and constant rain will cause timber frames to gradually lose their natural colour and turn grey. The durability and longevity of uPVC windows make them a popular choice for homes that are located in regions with extreme weather, such as extensive sun exposure, rain and/or wind.


Heat Insulation

uPVC is a poor conductor of heat, meaning it provides excellent heat insulation.

Corrosion Resistance

uPVC does not rot or corrode over time.

Termite Resistance

uPVC is not prone to termite infestations.

Fade Resistance

uPVC frames do not fade, even in extreme direct sunlight.

Fire Resistance

uPVC material is self-extinguishing once a flame is removed, meaning it has excellent fire resistance.


uPVC window frames require no maintenance apart from occasional cleaning.

Noise Reduction

uPVC windows offer up to 90% noise reduction.


Heat Insulation

Aluminium is a good heat conductor, meaning it allows heat to pass through easily, so is a poor heat insulator.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium is susceptible to rusting and corrosion over time.

Termite Resistance

Aluminium is not prone to termite infestations.

Fade Resistance

Aluminium window frames don’t typically fade, but can sometimes become discoloured over time, depending on the material used to coat them.

Fire Resistance

Aluminium has a high melting point, meaning it has good fire resistance.


Aluminium window frames need sporadic maintenance over long periods of time.

Noise Reduction

Aluminium window frames offer varying levels of noise reduction.


Heat Insulation

Wood is a poor heat conductor, so gives good heat insulation. However, with contraction and expansion over time, heat will begin to seep out.

Corrosion Resistance

Timber tends to rot over time, especially if not treated correctly.

Termite Resistance

Timber can attract termites which weaken and corrode the wood over time.

Fade Resistance

Wooden window frames fade quickly and need regular treatment to prevent this happening.

Fire Resistance

Timber catches fire and burns easily.


Timber window frames require regular treatment and painting in order to withstand the elements.

Noise Reduction

Timber window frames can warp and drastically increase noise levels.


Do you offer payment plans on double glazed windows?

We offer Zip interest-free financing.

Zip lets you split any purchase into four payments. Once you download the app and link your payment source (a credit or debit card), you can use Zip to pay for your purchases. Then, Zip bills your payment source four times—one on the date of purchase and three more times every two weeks afterward.

How do you make your double glazed windows secure?

All of our uPVC double glazed windows are designed and built with security in mind.
Double glazing offers greater security than single glazing by nature. This is due to the fact that there are 2 panes of glass, thus making it harder to break. All our secure windows also feature the industry-leading multi-locking systems.

Should double glazed windows get condensation?

Condensation on the outside of new double glazed windows is not unusual; in fact, it’s perfectly normal. What happens when this occurs? The window blocks heat from inside your home reaching its exterior thus causing a coolant effect and leading to condensation formation at those locations where there are no insulation materials between you and nature’s elements such as cold winds or harsh sunlight.

Is triple glazing my best option in terms of soundproofing?

Unfortunately, no. Triple glazed windows are designed to increase heat saving and do not increase soundproofing. Double glazed windows are sufficient enough for soundproofing your home from outside noise.

What is the best option for double glazing - toughened glass or laminated glass?

Toughened glass and Laminated glass in double glazed windows and doors are types of “safety” glass. It is a common misconception that toughened glass, due to its name, adds strength or “toughness”, and it’s capable of withstanding considerable force or impact. However, toughened glass is not the same as bulletproof glass. Toughened glass is safer to break than float glass as it will not break into sharp, dangerous blades, but rather into small, blunt pieces that will not slice or cut in an accident.

Laminated glass will crack when it’s met with force, but it’s unlikely to smash because of a thin layer of laminate that will hold the broken glass together. Keep in mind though that it can be dangerous in a situation where you may need to break glass to escape, such as a fire..