Winplex Double Glazed Glass is Designed for Comfort

Double glazed windows and doors help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to their insulation properties.

This means that you can save on energy costs while enjoying a more comfortable environment.


Our standard glass option is 2 layers of 4mm Toughened glass with argon gas and low-E / U-value of about 1.9.


We offer Low-E Prime, which gives you mid-level of comfort.


We offer the Low-E Plus, which gives you mid-high level of comfort.


The Low-E Max guarantees to give you the highest of comfort.

What are U-values?

The term “U-value” refers to the rate of transfer of heat through a structure divided by the difference in temperature across that structure.

Simply put, the better-insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be.

If insulation is fitted poorly, with gaps and cold bridges, then the U-value can be considerably higher than desired.

Thermal Insulation

Winplex uPVC vs. Aluminium Frames U-values

Aluminium’s uValue is around 5 whereas Winplex uPVC frames have a U-value as low as 1.0!

Learn more about the U-values of Aluplast profiles

Please get in touch with our experts to request the U-value of the Winplex frame you desire.

Winplex follows the Passive Design principles

The Passive House standard is used worldwide and emphasises thermal comfort with minimal heating and cooling by using insulation, airtightness, appropriate window and door design, ventilation systems with heat recovery, and elimination of thermal bridges.

Learn more about Passive Design

Winplex is a proud member of the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) and adheres to their principles and philosophy.

To enable the selection of high performance in different areas of Australia, WERS divided the country into three main regions that each require different window properties to achieve the best results. The map below shows these three main areas.
Window Energy Rating Scheme

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