uPVC Double Glazed Bifold Windows

All of our profiles are high quality german profiles from Aluplast and manufactured locally in Moorabin, Melbourne. We use uPVC double glazing which provides many benefits over timber and aluminium. With Winplex you can select your own colour for the inside and outside to transform your home.

Key Points

Provides excellent ventilation and airflow.
Modern aesthetics that can match the style of your home.
Flyscreens are standard and already fitted.
Offers good views of the outside.

Profiles provided in uPVC double glazing

Lets in a lot of sunlight.

Winplex double glazing projects

Aleks Homa
Aleks Homa
Winplex were fantastic. From the get-go, when I spoke with John, he came around and consulted with us on our best options, helped us make decisions, and when it came time to install, not long after, the team were in and out quickly. The product is excellent, and the team was super friendly and reliable.
Andrew Brownlee
Andrew Brownlee
We just had 6 windows, including two very large picture windows plus a set of french doors installed. From the get-go, Winplex was a standout choice for our renovation needs. Starting with John who provided us with a thorough initial quote, the journey was nothing short of professional and reassuring. The consistent stream of communication ensured we were kept in the loop at every step. I can't speak highly enough of the installation crew. The team, comprising Warren, Stefan, Seb, Melvin, and others, brought with them an air of efficiency and friendliness that was refreshing to see. Their speed did not compromise the quality, as they were thorough to the finest detail and kept the workspace clean, even disposing of the old aluminium frames. The craftsmanship of the installed windows is evident as they look nothing less than stunning. Not only has the appearance of our home been elevated, but the sound insulation has improved dramatically. A heartfelt thank you to the entire Winplex team for their hard work and dedication. It is clear that customer satisfaction is at the heart of their service – a trait that is often promised but not always delivered.
Little Mean
Little Mean
Winplex was recommended to me by a friend. I called on Monday and Adi came to do a quote for me to replace all the windows and door from my house. The quality of their product is great (as confirmed by a friend of mine who does window installation in Europe). Adi is lovely, honest, knowledgeable and very helpful. He was so patient with answering all my questions. I did not feel the need to think it over at all. Thank you Adi and I’m looking forward to my new windows in the new year.
Gregory Forster
Gregory Forster
Just purchased 7 windows/doors from Winplex and couldn't be happier with the results. The installation team were courteous, helpful, friendly and extremely efficient (also going the extra yard). The end result was a fine job with an eye for detail. we'll certainly be using them again. Can't recommend the company enough.
Annabelle H
Annabelle H
Great team from start to finish. We are very pleased with our fixed pane window and slide door we had installed recently. Professional team and no hard sell like some other companies I tried. Will certainly be using them again for the rest of our house :)
Luke McGaffin
Luke McGaffin
Over the past 12 months we have had Winplex supply and install 2 big invisifold doors, a tilt / turn window and a fixed picture window. Really high quality solid products, very well made. Special mention to the install team who were quick, clean and efficient. Attention to detail from both the manufacturing team and the install team was outstanding. Highly recommended.

Why Choose Bifold Windows

Winplex Double Glazing installs across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula to your specific requirements

uPVC Windows Ventilation


Bifold Windows tend to be wider than other Window types. Due to their larger openings, they can let in the cool breeze and let out humidity and heat at the same time.

Better Views

Views and Sunlight

Bifold Windows provide better views due to their width. This also allows more sunlight to brighten your home.

Space Saver

Space Saver

Bifold Windows close like an accordion. Unlike windows that swing inwards or outwards to open, you don’t have to worry about clearing space for Bifold Windows.

Why uPVC Double Glazing?

Views and Sunlight


Keep your home warmer in winters and cooler in summer.

Home Security


Toughened / laminate up to 8mm which is unbreakable

Noise Reduction


Sound proof your home with up to 90% noise reduction.

Bifold Windows vs Hinged Windows

Bifold Windows
Hinged Doors
Hinged Windows can take up space due to the fact that they swing inwards or outwards to open. That means you need to provide clearance, which may not be an option if you have small living or office space.

Hinged Windows, as well as Tilt and Turn Windows, can also get loose over time, making them swing shut or open with just a slight gust of wind or if they’re not leveled. You don’t have to worry about that with a Bifold Window.

Bifold Windows vs Sliding Windows

Bifold Windows
Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows typically open up on one side while the other is either fixed into position or won’t provide much opening since they will overlap with the other glass panel. Sliding Windows are also prone to getting dirt on their sliding mechanism.

Likewise, the grease could dry out over time which will make them harder to slide open/close. Bifold’s simple yet clever design allows it to open and close like an accordion.

Personal service, quality product and competitive prices

Bifold Window Sizes

If you’re not sure which window size to get, check out what each size offers below.


Perfect for small bedrooms, bathrooms and even basements.


Great for master bedrooms.


Best for larger spaces where you want more sunlight, ventilation like the living room, kitchen or towards the front of the house.

Double Glazing Melbourne

Our Bifold Windows are one of the most popular window options because it provides maximum sunlight and accessibility, as well as adding a unique design to your home.

All profiles are designed in Germany using Aluplast – one of the highest quality window frames known on the market. It’s engineered to give you the highest level of comfort. No other window profile comes close to the shelf life of the Aluplast product in Australian conditions, especially in coloured frames. This means, you won’t get discoloration over time with Aluplast versus aluminum.

Why Winplex?



Highly responsive to your needs at all times.



Established, German Engineered Products.



You won’t find better value for money.



Our experts will guides you through every step.



Locally manufactured, AU owned & operated.



As seen on Channel 10’s Healthy Homes.

Grilles and Colonial Bars for Bifold Windows

We offer multiple Grille and Colonial Bar options for bifold windows:

1. Grilles: Winplex’s grilles allows you to enjoy the beauty of finely crafted multi-pane Doors without the expense or upkeep.

2. Colonial Bars: They are also known as glazing bars, sash bars, dividing lites or grid. These bars are installed between two panes of glass. This gives you a grid aesthetic while making casement Doors easier to clean.

Are Bifold Windows easy to open?

Yes they are very easy to open. In fact, they are lightweight and easily open by simply engaging the folding mechanism.

Can Bifold Windows bring in more natural light?

Yes they often bring in more sunlight due its naturally wide design, especially if it’s placed facing East or West.

Do Bifold Windows need a lot of maintenance?

The great thing about Bifold Windows is that they are very easy to clean, even with grilles and louvers. On top of that, while they are durable and made with German hardware, if one panel of your window breaks, you can easily just replace that part instead of replacing the whole window.

Are Bifold Windows versatile in terms of design?

Yes they are very versatile as you can choose different sizes, frame colours, glass colours and styles, as well as custom width for the panels.

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