uPVC Double Glazed Awning Windows

All of our profiles are high quality german profiles from Aluplast and manufactured locally in Moorabin, Melbourne. We use uPVC double glazing which provides many benefits over timber and aluminium. With Winplex you can select your own colour for the inside and outside to transform your home

Awning Windows Key Points

German designed profiles, manufactured in Australia

Practical in bathrooms and kitchens above furniture.

Choice of either winding or pop out opening mechanism.

They can be positioned higher on walls than other openable windows.

Can use over furniture or benches which still allow access to the window for opening.

Two types of Fly Screens available – Espag and Truth (see below for details).

Awning Windows Melbourne

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

Amazing Windows Quality

We have just had Winplex windows installed, the quality of these windows is amazing. We have already noticed the difference is the temperature on a warm day, so much cooler .The workers were a pleasure to have, they work very well together as a team , very polite and very helpful. We have had so many people comment on them. We are very happy, thanks to Phoenix and his team.

– Marianne

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

Amazing price for Windows

Just had my new windows installed through Winplex and couldn’t be any happier! From getting the quote to instalment the service has been amazing! Amazing price compared to other quotes I had received and well in our price range. Constant check ins and following up was on point. Our new windows and doors look phenomenal and I’m over the moon! Highly recommend Winplex to anybody who is looking at getting double glazed Windows.

– John

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

Loving my new windows

I’m loving my new Winplex windows. I got them installed just in time for that super hot day yesterday – even though it was 44 degrees outside, I barely used my A/C all day! They look great, and the built in fly screens mean that I can have the doors and windows open without letting in any insects. The Winplex team kept in contact from ordering, through installation and then followed up with me afterwards. I couldn’t be happier.

– Linda

Why choose Awning Windows

Winplex Double Glazing installs across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula to your specific requirements.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

High Walls

A bottom opening window is easier to reach when positioned higher on walls.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


When combined with frosted glass, you maintain privacy whilst the windows are open.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


Allows for greater ventilation. When used in the bathroom, steam can be let out through the opening.

Why uPVC Double Glazing Melbourne?

High Security

Feel safe in the comfort of your own home with multi-locking points and toughened glass.

Thermal Efficiency

Keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Noise Reduction

Sound proof your home with up to 90% less noise entering from outside.

Awning Windows vs Casement Windows

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows
awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

Awning windows are best if you’re looking for airflow but don’t need to open the window all the way. 

If the casement window opens too far out, it could be harder to reach them, especially if they are at a higher position. With an awning window, you can easily reach out and close it.

Awning Windows vs Sliding Windows

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows
awning windows, casement windows, bay windows

Awning windows are best if you’re looking for airflow but don’t need to open the window all the way. Meanwhile, sliding windows tend to have larger openings, which could cause too much breeze to come into the house.

Sliding windows are also wider by design, so they will take up a larger area of your wall. This could be an issue for smaller apartments and living spaces. 

Personal service, quality product and competitive prices

Awning Window Sizes

If you’re not sure which size to get, check out what each size offers below.


Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements


Great for garages and attics that need more ventilation.


Best for larger spaces where you want more ventilation and sunlight, such as the kitchen, living room, home office, and bedroom.

Why Winplex?

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


Highly responsive to your needs at all times.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


Established, German Engineered Products.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


You won’t find better value for money.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


Our experts will guides you through every step.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


Locally manufactured, AU owned & operated.

awning windows, casement windows, bay windows


As seen on Channel 10’s Healthy Homes.

Awning Windows Melbourne projects

Fly-Screens for Awning Windows

We offer 2 options for fly-screens for awning windows:


The espag awning has a simple mechanism with just the turn of a handle and the window opens outwards. This hardware is imported from Germany and requires Retractable Fly-Screens. This will be required to be fitted after the installation is completed and is not something that we include.


The truth hardware set is an American winding system that winds out from the bottom. It includes 2 Lock-in Points on either side and can have Fixed Fly-Screens fitted prior to installation.


How can awning windows improve ventilation?

The design lets breeze in whilst keeping moisture out. Since it’s hinged at the top, you can even ventilate your house when it’s raining.

Can awning windows bring in more natural light?

Yes, they can bring in natural light, but can also reduce it if it’s frosted glass. If you choose to have frosted, you can simply open it to bring in more light. Since awning windows tend to be placed higher on the wall, you can increase natural sunlight to your space while still protecting your privacy.

Do awning windows need a lot of maintenance?

The design is low-maintenance as awning windows don’t need as many parts like a sliding window. Our uPVC window frames and double glazed glass are even more low-maintenance compared to traditional aluminum windows.

Will awning windows reduce my air-conditioning costs?

Yes! One of the greatest benefits of awning windows is that they are energy efficient. They provide supreme ventilation whilst allowing humidity or steam to escape.

Will awning windows provide added home security?

Awning windows can definitely increase your home’s security. Firstly, if you position high on your wall, strangers outside can’t easily peek into your home. Secondly, they aren’t easy to break into or open from the outside.

Do awning windows allow a lot of sunlight?

Yes! The windows are designed to provide maximum sunlight due their large double glazed panels. Some awning windows have colonial bars or grilles, but their large glass coverage will still allow for a lot of sunlight. If your windows are facing East or West, you’ll get a lot of light.

Do awning windows need a lot of maintenance?

Not at all. Despite their seemingly complex mechanism, Awning Windows have simple opening and locking systems that are not prone to breakage. Also, with some cheap window cleaning spray or simply water and soap (or vinegar), you can quickly clean your beautiful double glazed glass panels.

Is it advisable to place awning windows in the front of the house?

Most definitely! They are perfect for any part of the house: front, rear, upstairs, downstairs, basements, attics, bedroom, kitchen and more. These windows have a limited opening at the top, so you won’t have to worry about intruders trying to climb in when you have your awning windows opened. If you’re worried about privacy, you can simply install blinds or curtains in front of the window. You can even install tint or reflective film on the window panes. Winplex has an assortment of accessories to cater to your needs.


What’s the advantage of having Awning Windows in the kitchen?

It’s common to have these windows near the kitchen nowadays, because they typically replace standard kitchen windows. Thinking about cooking fish? How about some grilled meat using the indoor griller? You’d want to air out the smoke not only for better air quality but to also let out the food odour. Simply open the Awning Window to allow an opening at the top and the natural ventilation flow will take its course.