uPVC Double Glazed Fixed Windows

All of our profiles are high quality german profiles from Aluplast and manufactured locally in Moorabin, Melbourne. We use uPVC double glazing which provides many benefits over timber and aluminium. With Winplex you can select your own colour for the inside and outside to transform your home.

Key Points

German Manufactured Frames and Hardware by Aluplast

Available in various shapes and sizes
Versatile aesthetics that can match the style of your home.
More sturdy than windows that open
Flyscreens are standard and already fitted
Provides excellent security

Replacement Fixed Windows

Amazing Windows Quality

We have just had Winplex windows installed, the quality of these windows is amazing. We have already noticed the difference is the temperature on a warm day, so much cooler .The workers were a pleasure to have, they work very well together as a team , very polite and very helpful. We have had so many people comment on them. We are very happy, thanks to Phoenix and his team.

– Marianne

Amazing price for Windows

Just had my new windows installed through Winplex and couldn’t be any happier! From getting the quote to instalment the service has been amazing! Amazing price compared to other quotes I had received and well in our price range. Constant check ins and following up was on point. Our new windows and doors look phenomenal and I’m over the moon! Highly recommend Winplex to anybody who is looking at getting double glazed Windows.

– John

Loving my new windows

I’m loving my new Winplex windows. I got them installed just in time for that super hot day yesterday – even though it was 44 degrees outside, I barely used my A/C all day! They look great, and the built in fly screens mean that I can have the doors and windows open without letting in any insects. The Winplex team kept in contact from ordering, through installation and then followed up with me afterwards. I couldn’t be happier.

– Linda


Fixed Windows

Winplex Double Glazing installs across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula to your specific requirements



Versatile in terms of size, shape, placement, and style. You can match it with the aesthetics of your house.

uPVC Windows Privacy


Fixed windows don’t open, so they are harder to break into by thieves and other criminals. Winplex fixed windows are made with Guard-safe Glass.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain due to its minimalist parts that don’t need much upkeep. The German-manufactured Roto frames and hardware also makes it durable.

Why uPVC Double Glazing Melbourne?

High Security

Feel safe in the comfort of your own home with multi-locking points and toughened glass.

Thermal Efficiency

Keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Noise Reduction

Sound proof your home with up to 90% less noise entering from outside.

Fixed Windows vs Casement Windows

Fixed Window
Casement Window

Casement windows allow better ventilation as the windows can open and shut as you choose.

Standard single glazed Casement windows can be more vulnerable than fixed windows to break ins, however Winplex Casement windows have multi-lock double glazed window systems so this is not a major difference.

Fixed Windows vs Sliding Windows

Fixed Window
Sliding Windows

As with casement windows, sliding windows provide more ventilation compared to fixed windows.

They are also relatively high-maintenance compared to fixed windows because the latter has minimal parts that could break or trap dirt.

Personal service, quality product and competitive prices

Window Sizes

If you’re not sure which window size to get, check out what each size offers below.


Perfect for bathrooms, attics, and small bedrooms.


Great for kitchens and master bedrooms.


Best for larger spaces where you want more sunlight, such as the living room, home office, and dining room.

Double Glazing Melbourne

Our fixed windows are one of the most popular options for its simple, yet versatile design.

All profiles are designed in Germany using Aluplast – one of the highest quality window frames known on the market. It’s engineered to give you the highest level of comfort. No other window profile comes close to the shelf life of the Aluplast product in Australian conditions, especially in coloured frames. This means, you won’t get discoloration over time with Aluplast versus aluminum.

Why Winplex?



Highly responsive to your needs at all times.



Established, German Engineered Products.



You won’t find better value for money.



Our experts will guides you through every step.



Locally manufactured, AU owned & operated.



As seen on Channel 10’s Healthy Homes.

Shades, Blinds and Louvers

Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are the most technologically advanced blinds on the market today. They can be fully opened, closed, or tilted in the same way as conventional blinds, allowing as much or as little light as you want and to protect your privacy.

uPVC Louver

uPVC Louver

Our uPVC louvers are perfect for both new construction or remodeling projects. uPVC louvers will not rot, they resist warping and are impervious to fungus.

Glass Louver

Security Louver

Made of high-quality materials and the security screens protect the window when it is open and when closed.

Glass Louver

Glass Louver

Glass Louvers open up a room to the outside by allowing fresh air and light in without obstructing the view.


How can fixed windows provide security?

They offer better safety and security compared to other window types due to the fact that they cannot be opened, unless you choose to add a louver to them.

Can fixed windows bring in more natural light?

They tend to bring in more sunlight, especially if you choose a large window option.

Do fixed windows need a lot of maintenance?

The great thing about fixed windows is that they are very easy to clean, even with grilles and louvers. The simplicity and minimalist design of fixed windows also reduce the risk of failing or breaking parts.

Are fixed windows versatile in terms of design?
Fixed windows are versatile because you can customise them to any shape, size and style. Unlike windows with an opening mechanism, fixed windows are not limited to just a square or rectangular design.