Modernising with a uPVC Tilt and Sliding door

The Challenge

Our customer in East Melbourne wanted to replace their old sliding door with something more versatile in terms of controlling ventilation and allowing for airflow even during rainy days without getting water into the house. Their old sliding door was also hard to open after years of rust and dirt on the sliding rail, which was made of aluminium.

The Solution

Their old sliding door was replaced with a sleek and contemporary new Tilt and Sliding door. The door and the frame are all German-engineered. The frame is made of uPVC Aluplast which makes it more energy efficient and can withstand the elements better and longer than their previous sliding door.

The Outcome

The customer was highly impressed with the versatility of their new Tilt and Sliding door. They can now simply tilt the door to create a small opening at the top and create airflow without worrying about the wind blowing it open. When it rains and they want to still get airflow into the house, they don’t have to worry about water coming in since the door tilts inwards. On top of that, they increase natural light coming into their gorgeous home.

The customer said, 

“Winplex advised us through the entire prices and found the perfect door to replace our old one. We love the Tilt and Sliding door they installed because it’s easier to use, versatile and looks more modern than our previous door.”

The Products Supplied

  • uPVC double glazed Tilt and Sliding door – white on the outside and inside.
  • 6mm double glazed door with 16mm argon gas chamber.
  • German engineered Aluplast frames.
  • Locally manufactured in Moorabin.
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