Why Tilt and Turn windows are an amazing choice for your home

Looking for a versatile and contemporary window for your home? Look no further than Tilt and Turn windows. This innovative and unique type of window opens inwards and opens like a door either left or right. It also tilts for airflow. You have the choice of either winding or pop-up. It lets air in when fully-opened and keeps rain out when partially opened from the top. Today, we’ll take a look at why Tilt and Turn windows are an amazing choice for your home or office.


Tilt and Turn windows are versatile in terms of size, placement, and how you want to open it. You can open it fully like a door, on either side, or tilt-open at the top for ventilation.

Controlled Ventilation

Tilt and Turn windows allow you to let in the breeze by fully opening the window like a door, or have it tilt open at the top to get airflow whilst keeping rain out.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain that don’t need much upkeep. The German hardware hardware also makes it durable and long-lasting.


Home security is one of the underrated features of the Tilt and Turn window.

Tilt and Turn Windows
If you tilt-open the window, the small opening will prevent intruders from coming into your home. If you tilt-open the window, the small opening will prevent intruders from coming into your home. Also, Tilt and Turn windows have a multi-point locking system that cannot be easily lockpicked or broken with force by intruders. Additionally, you have the option to add grilles to your Tilt and Turn window for extra security.

Energy Efficient

When you combine double glazing and uPVC window frames with the Tilt & Turn window, you’ll get one energy efficient home! You’ll see a reduction in your electricity bills in no time. That’s because this type of setup will allow you to keep warm air in during cold months and retain cold air from escaping during those hot Australian summers!

Senior and Child Friendly

What’s great about Tilt and Turn windows is that they are noticeably easy to open due to the big handles. There’s no cranking involved, no effort. Some windows might have locking and opening processes that may be too heavy or even painful for seniors. They also feature tilt and turn locking window handles, this is great for preventing accidents, which is important if you have little children around the house.

Easy Fire Escape

In the event of an emergency, Tilt and Turn windows are quick to open. Due to their typically large size, Title and Turns are perfect fire escape routes. There’s no required time for cranking like with traditional tilt windows and there are no risks of failure in critical situations.

Increase Property Value

Having such a unique and modern window like Tilt and Turn will definitely raise the market value of your house. If and when you ever decide to sell your property, buyers will be impressed with the functionality and aesthetic of the Tilt and Turn windows, which the real estate will surely highlight.

How Do Tilt and Turn Windows Function?

Tilt and Turn Windows are popular because of the multiple ways it provides security and comfort for your home.

Closed and locked position:

  • The window is shut closed in this position, with the handle is pointed downward at the floor
  • This position enables residents inside the home to get the maximum amount of light
Second position:

  • To open the window, turn the handle 90 degrees to point to the right
  • This window will swing inward, like a door
  • In this position, people inside the home should have easy access to the outside and allow maximum air flow into the home
Third position:

  • The window is closed and the handle is rotated upward another 90 degrees to point at the ceiling
  • In this position, the tilt and turn window pivots from the bottom and tilts inward slightly
  • After opening only a few inches, the window locks into place and will open no farther
  • This tilting option allows breezes to enter the home while preventing rain and the elements from entering

Tilt and Turn Windows Compared to Other Window Types

Each home is as unique as their homeowners. Certain window types might be more of your preference than others. Let’s see how Tilt and Turn windows stack up against other window types.

Tilt and Turn Windows vs Casement Windows

Like Tilt and Turn windows, Casement windows can open fully. However, Tilt and Turn windows are more versatile as they give you the option of only partially opening the top by tilting it. This gives you supreme ventilation and airflow while keeping weather elements and intruders out.

Tilt and Turn Windows vs Awning Windows

Awning windows only partially open, whereas Tilt and Turn windows can fully open, inwards, like a door on either side. This allows for maximum airflow and ventilation.

Why we place the window ventilation upward (tilted)

The reason we design the Tilt and Turn window this way is because it provides healthier ventilation. Air flow can be higher and there’s no strong airflow at chest level through your windows, which means that just like in an open-concept room with lots of natural light coming into each sunny day, so too will air move easily across all areas inside any building structure. When the window is tilted 3/8 of an inch inwards. It allows for slow but smooth air exchange.

How to Clean & Care for Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are very simple to maintain. A mixture of vinegar with water can be used every year for a streak-free shine and then you could use a squeegee to wipe away the cleaning solution. On top of that, if your window frames are made of uPVC, washing and maintaining your Tilt and Turn window becomes twice as easier!


If you’re in the market for a new window solution that is both energy efficient and stylish, Tilt and Turn windows may be perfect for you. These windows are versatile, easy to operate and provide maximum ventilation and sunlight. Plus, they offer enhanced security features to keep your home safe. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our experts today for more information on Tilt and Turn windows – we would be happy to help!

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